CONSTITUTION & RULESof theHove Lagoon Model Yacht Club
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The Club was formed in January 1928 and the ongoing objective is the enjoyment of sailing and racing model yachts. The aim is also to promote and to urge the adoption of ISAF (International Sailing Federation) and MYA (Model Yachting Association) rules as the only recognised, unvarying standard of excellence. It is the Committee's responsibility to fulfil these aims and to support those aspiring to race. To this end, the Club gives opportunities for learning to its members and judges.

Title and Objects

The Club shall be known as the Hove Lagoon Model Yacht Club, hereinafter called the Club, and shall have as its objects the sailing and racing of model yachts.
The Club shall be affiliated to the Model Yachting Association (M.Y.A) and the Met & Southern MYA District Committee.

Sailing Water

The Club sailing water shall be at the Lagoon, Kingsway, Hove, Sussex.

General Rules

1. The sailing activities of the Club will be based on:
a) The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) Yacht Racing Rules.
b) Rules and regulations of the MYA.
2. Resolutions passed at a General Meeting or a Committee Meeting.
3. Junior members are not permitted to partake in Club activities unless accompanied by a Parent or nominated Guardian at all times.
4. All members shall pay due regard to wild life on or around the water.
5. Members shall not leave litter of any kind.
6. All transmitters using the 27Mhz or 40Mhz band must have a protection ball fitted to the tip to prevent injury to a fellow member or a member of the Public.
7. Members are responsible for ensuring the boathouse is left tidy, all rubbish removed, and locked after use.
8. Members, guests or visitors using the Club facilities shall do so at their own risk, and implicitly accept that the Club will not accept any liability to their person that they may incur whilst participating in a Club activity, or for any damage to or loss of their property.


It is a legal requirement for all members, including Juniors, to have adequate Public Liability Insurance. Any members not using MYA Insurance must produce a copy of Public Liability Insurance, acceptable to the Club, with the Hove membership renewal form. Visitors and Club members may not compete in Club events without proof of adequate insurance.


President The Club policy is to invite a prominent local figure to serve as President to promote the aims and aspirations of the
Treasurer Shall administer the Club funds and banking requirements.
General Sec Shall keep all minutes of meetings and attend to all correspondence.
Membership Sec Shall deal with all membership enquiries and renewals. This will include ensuring members have an acceptable Public Liability Insurance and liaison with the MYA on membership matters.
Racing Sec Shall be responsible for all Club race policy held at the Lagoon.
Measurer Shall measure all boats in accordance with the rating rules and shall complete the forms for transmission to the MYA for registration.

The officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall retire annually but will be eligible for re-election.

Annual General Meeting

Shall be held during the month of Oct/Nov or as the Committee may decide and the General Secretary shall give each member 14 days notice together with an Agenda. A copy of the Accounts will be presented at this meeting.

Committee Meetings

Shall be held quarterly or more often as required. Three Officers are required to constitute a quorum. Motions raised by non-committee members shall be made in writing to the General Secretary, signed and contain the names of the Proposer and Seconder.

Data Protection Act

Membership records will be held on computer files. Club Officers may only use these files internally for administrative purposes. No member may reveal, pass or communicate in any form, the contents of these files to unauthorised third parties. Any objections should be notified in writing to the General Secretary.

Child Protection Policy

Our statement on Child protection is as follows:
a) The welfare of a child is paramount.
b) All children, whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin, religious beliefs and/or sexual identity have the right to protection from abuse.
c) All suspicions and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to immediately and in the appropriate manner.
d) All officials, coaches and other members/volunteers working on behalf of the Club have a responsibility to report concerns to the appropriate Club officers.

Sailing and Racing Rules

The sailing rules of the ISAF shall be used for all races. The Racing Secretary may amend these rules for an internal Club event.

Racing Scoring

The ISAF scoring method for racing will be used. The Racing Secretary may amend these rules for an internal Club event.

Championship Races

Competitors in Championship Races must have their boat correctly measured and registered with the MYA. Un-registered boats may compete but will not have a place record.


There will be four types of membership and the fees, where applicable, are payable on 31st December each year. Club subscriptions will be agreed at a Committee meeting during December. The fees for a member joining on or after 1st August will be 50% of the full annual fee but the MYA fee to cover Public Liability Insurance will be at the full going rate.
Honorary Member Any person whether a Member of the Club or otherwise who, in the opinion of Council, has rendered outstanding service to the Club. Upon election, annual subscription ceases. The Honorary Members have all membership rights, including the right to vote and hold office.
Senior Member Aged 18 or over. Entitled to full privileges of the Club including the right to vote at General Meetings and the right to submit motions.
Junior Member
Junior Member (Aged 14 or under)
A member shall be considered a junior until the last day of December next following his/her fourteenth birthday and can only be accepted as a Family member. The Family Seniors will be totally responsible for the junior’s care at all times.
Junior Member (Aged 15 to 17).
A member shall be considered a junior until the last day of December next following his/her seventeenth birthday and shall have all the privileges of the Club except shall not be entitled to vote. Can directly join the Club.
Family Where there is a family membership the members will either be classed as Senior or Junior members as appropriate.

No member will be entitled to any privileges of Membership whilst his or her subscription remains unpaid. Any member whose subscription remains unpaid at the date of the commencement of the Racing program shall not be allowed to take part until such subscription is paid. Any member whose subscription remains unpaid on 31st March shall be deemed to have resigned their membership.

Hove Lagoon Site

Please remember that the site is in use by the general Public and therefore they have a right to use the footpaths. While your race may be important to you, please ensure that you are aware of other footpath users and ensure aerials, boats and sails will not obstruct them.

Frequency Control

A two-peg frequency control board is available for all members and visitors using a 27Mhz or 40Mhz transmitter. Its purpose is to prevent interference with another boat user. Each member provides their own clothes peg with only their name written on it, spare pegs will be available for visitors. It operates as follows.
  1. Check there is a peg with your frequency on the board – not a named peg.
  2. Remove the peg with the frequency number on it and clip on your aerial.
  3. Place your named peg on the peg-board in place of the one removed.
  4. Only now can you switch on your transmitter.
If anybody is waiting to sail they can see who is using the same frequency.


Items left in the Boathouse are not covered by insurance and are therefore at the owner’s sole risk. It is not recommended that valuable items remain unattended or left overnight.
Keys are provided to the boathouse at cost which is refundable when the keys are returned. A record is retained of those members having paid for keys and those already holding keys.


All recipients of awarded trophies must sign a guarantee that the trophy will be covered by insurance, cared for and returned on the advised due date.

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