Perpetual Trophies
Hove Corporation Bowl Presented by the Hove Corporation in 1932.

Tansley Cup originally used for RM Series Championships.

Derek Norfolk Cup Presented by members (from model yacht assets donated by his wife) in Memory of Derek who died in 1987. Derek was a club measurer on the committee from 1979 and Vice Commodore in 1985.

Hove Lagoon Trophy Brass model Yacht, presented by Rob Ransom.

Carnarvon Trophy Shield originally used to encourage model yacht sailing in Winter Months.

Rose Bowl Trophy

The Hove Corporation Bowl

Hove Corporation Bowl

The Tansley Cup
The Tansley Cup
This silver cup was presented by Commodore F C Tansley in November 1930 and in that year was won by the Commodore with his Yacht 'Golden Vanitie'. It is probable that the Yachts were then the 36R with Braine steering and the cup is now used for an annual one metre meeting. In 1938 Commodore Tansley produced the 36R 'Skylark plan' which is still available today. The cup stands 22 cm high, including it's base. For insurance purposes the cup was valued at £1,750 in 2010.
W C Hacking won the cup in 1931 and 1932 with his Yacht 'Silvia', then in 1933 T J Lance with his Yacht 'Winsome'.
W C Hacking then came up with 'Silvia II' and won the cup in 1934, 1935 and 1936.
The war years followed and the cup was next competed for in 1986.

The Derek Norfolk Cup
Derek Norfolk Cup.jpg
The Derek Norfolk Cup

The Hove Lagoon Trophy
Rob Ransom Trophy.jpg

The Carnarvon Shield Trophy

The Carnarvon Trophy was presented by Lt-Col Ian Dennistoun, M.V.O on behalf of ‘The Countess of Carnarvon’ in 1932. Its purpose was to encourage sailing during winter months at the Lagoon. In 1939 it was transferred to 36-inch class yacht racing. The diameter is 28 cm and the silver content is valued at £200 for insurance purposes but of course cannot be replaced.
The lower Pla​te reads:
His Majesty’s Post Office Packet
T. C. MASON Commander
The British Government had a particular need for seaborne communications using ships to carry Post Office mail packets to and from British embassies, colonies and outposts but also carried bullion and passengers.
The vessel on the plaque is the HENRY FREELING, a Harwich based Post Office Packet which operated from 1814 to 1834. With a 102 tonnage it she was one of the largest Packets used on the Harwich service. Henry Freeling was the son of Sir Francis Freeling, 1st Baronet (1764 – 1836) who was Secretary of the Post Office and the ship was named after his son. The ship worked the Harwich to Cuxhaven route for virtually all her life with an uneventful existence.
Captain Mason was Master from 1814 up to the first quarter of 1819, thereafter Captain Samuel J. Hart took command until 1833. On the right of the masthead flag (within a rectangle) is the Post Office flag with a post-boy on horseback which is only visible with a magnifying glass.The vessel is typical illustration of a Harwich Packet so it is assumed the silver-smith based it on a contemporary picture if it is not an actual illustration of the HENRY FREELING.
Lord Carnarvon was born 26th June 1866 in Grosvenor St, London and died 5th April 1923 in Cairo. He married Alimina, Victoria, Marie, Alexandra, Wombell on 26th June 1896 in St Margarets Church, Westminster.
NB: Alimina married Lt-Col Ian Onslow Dennistoun M.V.O on 19th December 1923 at St George's Register Office, London. She died 8th May 1969. He was in the service of the Grenadier Guards and died 22nd May 1938.

Missing Silverware - Any information gratefully received

The following items were recorded as available in the Club Rule handbook dated 1955
Baroness Chrichton de Chassiron Cup (1st Trophy) presented by the Baroness Chrichton de Chassiron in 1932 (AGM 25/2/79 to D.Daly).

Baroness Chrichton de Chassiron Bowl (2nd Trophy) presented by the Baroness Crichton de Chassiron in November 1935 and was renamed Hove & Brighton and Eastbourne Trophy. The only record found of the Baroness was when she played Golf for Shirrel Heath (Nr Southampton) on 18th March 1922.

Blue Riband Trophy presented by Mr J Drummond on 21st November 1935 for 36-inch class Club Championship series. Records show it still available on 6th August 1969.

Charles Tankard presented by Mr H Charles, date unknown.

Hankins Cup presented by Mr W Hankins (Treasurer 1937 - 1937). On18th December 1939 the Secretary was instructed to consult Mr Hankins regarding his wishes on the use of the Cup. The response was not recorded.

Kensington-Hove Trophy – the joint property, purchased 1932, of the MYSA and the Hove & Brighton MYC for competition between the two Clubs. To be held by the highest scorer on the winning side until the following match. The MYSA was generally known as the Kensington MYC. (AGM Dec 1969 to D.Stagg).

Keyworth Cup formally Valkyrie Cup presented by Lt-Col R D Keyworth (Vice Commodore 1935 - 1938) to encourage beginners in model yachting. (AGM 17/2/72 to D.Daly).

Lagoon Trophy presented by Mr W J Forcey for open competition in the 36-inch class (AGM Feb 1979 to D.Norfolk).
Mullett Cup presented by Arthur Mullett (AGM 25/2/79 to D.Daly).

Noel Silver Cup presented by Mr E Tizard (Secretary 1937 - 1940) on 4th December 1938. To be sailed on 26th December each year and be returned no later than 26th November the following year.

Vanity Challenge Cup (Vanitie Cup) presented by Mr F C Tansley for 10-rater Club Championship Series.(AGM 25/2/79 to B.Horn)

Woolworth Cup presented by F W Woolworth Ltd.

For information only:
The Alimina Countess of Carnarvon Trophy (1st Trophy) was presented by the late Lt-Col Ian Dennistoun M.V.O. and was won outright in 1932. The Countess then presented a shield as her 2nd Trophy.

P.Miller was keeping a record of the Trophies location, but this record has not been located.

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